Digital experiences and virtual events went from being one part of integrated marketing communications to the world’s primary means of connection in a few short weeks. We believe the virtual experiences we develop must be built strategically: To solve the challenges our clients face today and to be a companion piece to the live, in-person experiences that will return in the coming months.

Custom Event Site

A central hub for the schedule, speaker bios, videos, links and additional necessary content/info is essential to the success of your event. We can create this custom event website to make the attendee experience as smooth as possible.

Live Streaming

The location of your presenters and audience should not limit the opportunity to create an impactful event. We can livestream events that are completely in-person, completely remote, and all in between. All while maintaining audience engagement through polling, commentary (chat), and Q&A features.

Content Creation

Our creative team will work with your team to develop a visual standard for video production designed to enhance the quality and styling of all videos. Standards will include branded color palettes/patterns for speaker backgrounds, transitional animations between speakers, PIP (picture in picture) techniques in sync with speaker content. 

Video Production

Grit Productions provides full video production capabilities in-house. Grit services range from story boarding, scripting, full video filming and technical crew, to animation creation and video editing.

The Essentials & Engagement

Yes, you need engaging content during presentations. But you can’t forget engagement during the rest of the event. Some of the most valuable and meaningful components of a conference are the networking opportunities that are available. We can help to produce memorable online experiences such as cocktail hours, a power hour with executives, gamification, corporate social responsibility/give back components, exclusive tours, cooking/mixology class, concerts, and wellness sessions. Plus, don’t forget the pre-conference kit and post-conference swag!

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